Are you a dying IB student currently procrastinating on one of your assignments? Have you lost your motivation and enthusiasm? Are you a student considering taking the IB? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is a compilation of my personal experiences, a hub of necessary resources and links, simplified explanations of IB requirements, detailed information about all the aspects of the program and a step-by-step guide to success.

As a 2020 graduate, I hope that my advice, stories of mistakes, explained concepts and understanding of subjects and assignments will help you get through any struggles you’re experiencing, or at least make you feel understood.

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The basic elements of CAS

Creativity, Activity, Service. If you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with these three words, don’t fret, this post will explain everything you need to know about what it is and how it is incorporated into the IB curriculum. In the realm of IB student communication, the acronym CAS is mentioned as frequently as the word “I” … Continue reading “The basic elements of CAS”

The basics

The Extended Essay. A feared obstacle in the journey to obtaining your IB diploma. A 4,000 word essay on a topic of your choice in a subject of your liking. The general gist doesn’t seem so frightening, but all your friends who had previously done it, have warned you of its fierce difficulty. You heard … Continue reading “The basics”